Hello Ruby Tuesday

4 Jan

For most of December, Pete had been skimming the local humane society websites for dogs. Sort of just wishing for a companion for our current canine, Chloe. Being that Chloe was a rescue, we decided that for any future animal adoptions, we’d being giving our business to the local humane society. No other option but adoption! Anyways…

Needless to say it soon turned serious as multiple doggy profiles were pulled up and shouts of “Come here, you HAVE to see this one!”, and “Awww, isn’t this one sweet.” At first, I was on the fence about the idea seeing as I would be the one spending the most time with the pooch. Most likely doing the majority of the training. Then there’s the feeding, the playing with and the cleaning up of the… you know. Yes, they were cute. They were all cute. And if I could give them all homes I would, but my husband is known for his impulse buying, and you have the responsibility to think about!

Chloe is not the definition of responsibility. She’s like not even having a dog. You don’t have to tell her twice to do anything. She’ll tell you when she has to go outside, and when she needs more food. She’s spoiled rotten and begs us for head rubs and belly scratches. She can stay home alone all day and be totally fine with that. If there is a case where she HAS to go and we aren’t around to let her out, she finds her way to the tile because she must know it’s so much more forgiving than carpet. We love her. Adding another dog to the mix who will most likely need training, requires a lot of time. Time that isn’t always fun to give up when they just peed on the carpet or chewed up your favorite slippers.

So, we talked it over. And being the nice husband he is, Pete gave me the final say. But I wasn’t convinced we needed a dog until I saw this precious wrinkly faced creature on the internet.

“AWWWWWWWW!” is all we could say.

I couldn’t say no to that face. No one could say no that face. So, I was frantically given orders that evening to go bright and early the next day and bring that sweetie home before anyone else had the chance to even look at her.

Meet Ruby. This is her a month older than she was in the first picture. She stayed with foster parents until she was old enough to be adopted. She’s part Terrier, part Shepard, and part ball of energy!

How irresistible is her wrinkly face and floppy ears.

Yea, these are pretty ridiculous sights.

We were told that she was the mellow one out of her siblings. HA! She can run around and chase her tail for hours… or at least until something else grabs her attention. I get tired just watching her go berserk. She never seems to have a care about her own well being seeing as shes never phased when she crashes into the legs of our chairs, or gets trampled by Chloe when they’re playing rough. She is fearless. Plain and simple. At least in the house. Hearing the neighbor’s dog bark when she’s outside sends her scooting towards to door. Some of her favorite hobbies are body slamming herself into Chloe, gnawing on our toes with her razor sharp teeth, 100 meter sprints in the living room, eating our carpet and lots of kisses, but only after the previous have been accomplished. I guess that’s just puppies right? Right?

The first day we had her, I told Pete that it’s possible we have a Marley on our hands, because I was already wishing we had a sedative for her. She’s non stop for usually hour long slots until she crashes for a power nap. And by non stop, I mean, rough housing with Chloe, chewing on everything in sight, picking up our strewn socks on the floor and organizing them in a nice pile (yes). Can she vacuum? I’m working on it. She’s still a bit too young to understand any training, but we’ll get there.

As for how the two get along together, it’s taking some time for Chloe to warm up. She’s just started to play with her a little. Before she was ignoring the nutcase as she would climb all over her probably hoping it was all a dream. Ruby just loves her.

Notice the favorite slipper not far away.

Nom nom hedgehog.

We told Chloe to lay in her bed, and she laid in Ruby’s bed. haha.

I should be going now, Ruby has decided to try reconstruct our end table. Will let you know how it turns out.


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