For sale! My first camera *SOLD*

18 Oct

I’m ready to sell my first camera. I came to the conclusion that it needs to be used, rather than tucked away in my closet, most likely never to be really appreciated again.

We’ve had good times. It’s  served it’s purpose for me, and is ready to come out of retirement!

If you love taking pictures, and want to  grow from the point and shoot camera, this would be your next step. It’s not on the professional scale, but it’s the stepping stone you’ll need to practice with an SLR, and upgrade from there. If you’re not planning to upgrade, this is a perfect camera for a family. It’s light enough to use if you have kids to chase around and snap shots of, and is as easy to use as a point and shoot with the added benefits of multiple functions to customize and control your shots.

Here’s what you get. The Canon Digital Rebel XT with the EF-S 18-55mm lens, and camera bag.

You also get the adapter cables, 2 lens filters, a cover for the camera body when the lens is removed, and a cover for the back end of the lens. The rechargeable battery and battery charger are also included (not pictured). I have a 256mb CF card that I will include as well.

The camera, cosmetically, has normal wear and tear. Functionally, it works wonderful and I’ve never had any problems with it.

The sticker on the bottom has been partially scraped off, but has no body damage from it.

I’m asking $300 for the whole kit and kaboodle. If you are interested, email me at Serious inquiries only please.


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