They’ve got to grow up sometime..

25 Mar

Last summer I went home to Minnesota for an extended visit. I was lucky enough to be able to be there for a while, and really got a chance to fall back into being at home with my family. My brother and sister were just finishing up their junior year of high school, and knowing I wouldn’t be back for a while, we planned to take their senior pictures.

It really was fun, a lot of work, and totally rewarding.

My sister Danae had 15 outfit changes(give or take), and 20 different locations. We took 4 or 5 days to take her pictures.

She’s lucky I love her. 🙂

My brother Dylan was much more easy going and we did his pictures in a day.

I can’t believe how fast they’ve grown up! Being six years older than them, I really remember them at all stages growing up. I remember holding them when they were babies, and when they were just starting to walk. I remember Danae being 3-4 years old and already independent and the boss, and Dylan following around her saying “me too” about everything she said. She did enough talking for both of them so there really wasn’t much for Dylan to add.

With them graduating high school, it doesn’t make me feel old like it would most people. It just makes me wonder where has the time gone! It feels like yesterday that I graduated high school and moved out to go to college. That was six years ago. It’s ages ago, yet just the other day at the same time.

I’ll get over it. They’ve got to grow up sometime. I knew it was coming. I sound like their mother.


Click collages to view larger.

Congrats to Dylan and Danae! I’m so very proud of you! I may miss the little yous, but I love the amazing people you’ve become.


To view more of Dylan and Danae’s photos, please visit my website,, or my facebook page,


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