Mom’s Garden

10 May

I’m back home in Minnesota for three weeks!

Last year when I was home, I ripped out my moms entire front flower bed. We tilled, weeded, rearranged, and replanted everything she had.

I worked my butt off.

You’re welcome Mom. 🙂

It took me 15.37 hours.

I love you, Mom.

Well this year, her flower bed still had “good bones” from last year, and we just had to freshen it up with some new annuals.

Coming back home feels almost like I’m going backwards. We’ve already experienced spring in Texas, and the new growth and nice weather is long gone. Seeing all the new spring blooms here is almost a surprise.

A nice surprise.

The tulips are up, the trees are blooming and fragrant, the birds are chirping, and the earthworms are recouping from dodging my trowel yesterday.


Being gone, there’s one thing I really miss about home.

Of course, my family.

But, what I also miss is sitting on the front steps, in the morning, with the sun peaking through the big white birch tree that shades the entire front yard.

Sitting, breathing in the crisp air, drinking a cup of coffee, and just reflecting. It’s so peaceful. And brings back so many memories of growing up.

So that’s what I did this morning. Sat on the front steps and soaked it all in.

Then I couldn’t take it anymore, and had to go grab my camera.

Here’s some shots I got this morning.

Bleeding hearts have always fascinated me. They are so unique, and beautiful.

Her hostas didn’t have a cold winter to come back from, so they are going strong already!

This little guy is one of the annuals that we planted last year that reseeded itself right on her path.

All of these that we planted last year have reseeded themselves, and her flowerbed is covered with the little buds bursting through the soil! We have about 6 that are this big and already blooming. Planting the new annuals, we were careful not to dig up too many of the ones that have reseeded.

Her flowerbed is going to be so pretty once it’s in full bloom!

Now for my moms flowering crab tree.

I hope these don’t get too repetitive, because they’re all so pretty, I’m going to post most of them.

Click any of the photos to view larger.

The wind was so strong, I’m surprised these turned out so well. It made for great backgrounds on all these.

We planted alyssums all along the outside of her flower bed. They get big and mound up, and will be so pretty.

Maybe these will reseed themselves for next year. 🙂

I can’t wait for next year.

I love gardening.


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