A Sunday visit with a cute little boy

21 May

Last year when I was home in Minnesota, my friend was pregnant with her first baby, and was so excited.

I was excited!

We were excited. 🙂

I was also sad.

But only because she was due a few short months after I headed back to Texas, and I had no idea when I would be back to see her and her sweet little bundle.

So, we skyped a few times after Grady was born..

And it was fun! But just not the same as seeing them in person.

Now it’s “next year”, and I’m home, and I finally got to meet him!

And last night I even got to take some pictures of him.

I had to post this one. His mom was trying to catch him to put a diaper on him.

He doesnt like the grass, so we put a blanket down. He wouldn’t get off the blanket, but he’d touch the grass with his hands.

And then he’d try eat it.


All though most of the time was spent picking grass out of his mouth,

I was able to get some cute ones like these…

He’s such a happy little guy! I’m going to miss him when I leave.

And I suppose I’ll miss his parents too. 🙂


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