To Wisconsin we go

30 May

We’re on the last leg of our trip, and spending some time in Wisconsin with Pete’s family.

I can’t believe it’s gone by so quick!

I feel like I was just in Texas, the week before we left, telling Pete that “no sooner we get there we’ll be right back here”. It felt like it was over before we even left!


I miss my family already. It’s hard to leave them because I never know when I’ll see them again.


Okay, enough being sad.


Our drive to Wisconsin was nice, and as always, beautiful!

I seem to always forget how gorgeous of a drive it is. Being up only once a year will do that.

Having short term memory loss will also do that.

So when I’m back, I’m amazed again as if I’m seeing it all for the first time. Again.

(There’s gotta be a pill for that…)


We ran into a little weather, but nothing too bad.

One thing I loved was all the rainbows we saw following the storm we were trailing!

Photo taken on my phone and processed with Instagram.

It sure made for some pretty photos.

I know camera phones aren’t exactly professional grade, but it takes a pretty good picture.

My camera was packed away, so there’s my excuse.

You can decide if you will forgive me after this photo…


And one more…


All taken with my phone.

So at our last stop, the guilt had caught up with me, and I dug out my big girl camera to snap some better quality photos.

By that time it was getting darker.

I need to practice more on “in the car” shots.

I guess we’ll just have to take more road trips. 🙂

Especially with scenery like this, who wouldn’t want to.

I hope we move back soon!

I think I could stand seeing this everyday.

You may only have to twist my arm a little.


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