When in Wisconsin..

2 Jun

Well, today I’m going to start out with an apology to my followers. The 17 of you.

I’m sorry the photos in this post are also taken with my iPhone, like most of the last post was.

It’s the handiest camera I have, and instead of skipping a “kodak moment” all together, I substitute with my phone’s camera.

Or what I usually say.. my camera which also has a phone built in.

Just ask the 2,517 pictures I’ve taken with it.

Please accept this photo taken on my camera phone last night with my deepest apologies..

With how busy we’ve been, running all over the countryside, I don’t/can’t take my camera along just simply being it’s too much to lug around.

And I say “lug”, lovingly.

I love lugging my camera around normally, but everyday is another story.


So starting out our week here in Wisconsin, we had two family dinners. (And a trip to Lambeau Field, which will be in another post)

One dinner with each side of the family.

Both dinners included BBQ’s as the main course. Or for those who don’t speak Midwest.. we had sloppy joe’s, ya’ll.

But we were used to that after coming from Minnesota and eating BBQ chicken from graduation 5 days in a row(as well as our first day in Wisconsin).

Us Minnesotans share our leftovers with others.

Needless to say, we have leveled up to professional leftover eaters.


At the second family dinner, Grandma Betty was over and had been waiting patiently to see Chloe.

Chloe’s her favorite.

“I don’t know the other one.”, she said about Ruby.

Grandma Betty is such a character, and one of the funniest women I’ve met. I wish you all could know her.

So her and Chloe caught up.

Chloe has no shame. Just love for her grandma.


After all the family time, we’ve dedicated as much time as we have left to hanging out with Pete’s friends.

Last night we hit up Cheese Fest.

It was actually more of a fair, than a fest.

Of course we had to have the deep fried cheese curds.

We are going back tonight to see some friends.

I’m secretly going back for my friend, the deep fried cheese curd.


When my in-laws still lived on the lake, it’s sort of been a non spoken tradition of ours to make it into town at least once during a visit, and eat breakfast at The Hotel Fremont.

Now they’ve moved, only about 20 minutes away, but today we decided to head up there for breakfast. And their very popular bloody marys.

It’s a small bed and breakfast type place with a restaurant/bar downstairs that sits right on the banks of the river.

What’s not to love!

It was fun 🙂


We leave for home on Monday. I’ll be happy to be back in my own bed, but sad to leave family.

But we’ll be back!

We always come back.


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