July Lightning Storm

15 Jul

There’s nothing better than ending a good weekend with a great storm.

And getting to enjoy it from your front porch… amazing!


Before it got dark tonight, the lighting outside was just insane.

Warm hues, dark to the south, and the sun appeared to set in the north because of the cloud cover.

Plus, there was a double rainbow right before sundown.


The end of the rainbow, towards the south, where it was pitch black from another storm rolling in.

Never seen anything like it!


Looking north at our house, where the sun appeared to be setting at.


And the photo of the night. View from the porch, facing south…..

Lightning shots take a lot of patience.

Ask me how many opportunities I missed from having to scratch an itch after waiting 5 minutes with my face pressed to the camera trying to catch the lightning.

Okay, don’t ask.

I just need to get myself a remote shutter.


But what amazing sights!

We need more storms like this.


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