Trip to Lambeau Field – Green Bay, Wisconsin

18 Jul

You could say this trip mean’t more to my husband than me.

I’m not too much of a football fan, and I married the biggest Packer fan in all the land.

So I made the compromise (it must be love), and am trying to appreciate football more.

The butts in tight pants help.


In my effort to learn more about football and get insight into the minds of the obsessed, I went along with Pete for a day trip to Lambeau Field when we were up in Wisconsin in June.

He was excited like a kid on Christmas morning.

When it comes to having his heart, I think the Packers have the first 50%, and I have the rest.

But maybe I’m flattering myself. haha

(click any photo to view larger)

We really only had time to take these first few shots and buy our tickets for the tour and hall of fame before we found out the Packers were having a practice open to the public! Totally lucked out! Talk about the icing on the cake!

I may not be the biggest fan of football, but I was sincerely excited to watch them practice, in person!

We couldn’t have gotten there at a more perfect time. We headed over to the practice field across the street from the stadium and found us a spot on the bleachers. The weather was misty the whole time, not quite rain, which was good. Not enough to have to put away my camera.

Now, who’s ready for some tight butts?!

Hey, Aaron Rodgers,
no, I’m not crazy,
I like your tushie,
so call me maybe?

(Don’t tell Pete)

I think he’ll call.

Who wouldn’t?!

When I didn’t have my camera, Pete had it, so we pretty much have complete footage of a 2 hour practice, in picture form.

Why do you think it’s taken me so long to blog about this part of our trip!

Mmm, Clay.

Jordy catching a punt.


Hey Driver, thanks for showing me your dance moves. 😉

After practice we went back to the stadium to eat lunch at Curly’s, go on the tour, and then to the hall of fame.

Here’s some pictures from the tour…

Now on to the hall of fame…

The office of Vince Lombardi was very cool. It was set up almost exactly how he had it back in the day.

Pete, why aren’t you a football player?

It was a really fun time. So glad we went! The hall of fame was so cool and interactive.

Definitely recommend going to see it! Take a whole day. You’ll need it.

I had a happy husband at the end of the day. We were both super tired, but it was worth it.


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