Before & After: Mom’s Garden

21 Jul

Since leaving Minnesota, I had kind of forgotten about the work we put into Mom’s garden when we were home in May. Last year I did the same thing when I was home. And both times I wasn’t around long enough to see the garden fill out, and go crazy.

My sister texted me a photo about 2 weeks ago showing me just how crazy the garden had gotten.
This is similar to the photo I got from her..

And if you remember from my post back in May about mom’s garden, it was just starting to bloom a little.

When I left, those blue and purple violets were still little sprouts, only a handful had bloomed. NOW look at them! They cover the whole flower bed!


Here’s a before shot..

That Minnesota black soil sure does wonders.

The path before….


Do you see that path there? Yea… thats what it’s like now.

Wild, untamed and weed free! I wont even pretend I’m sad the weeds have no room to grow.

I wish my front flower bed was this awesome!

The little violets before….

Holy cats.

My sister took these “after” pictures for me with only a few grumbles. I lub you Danae.

I knew I had to post the after photos because the change was so drastic! I’ve never seen it do this before.

Sorry if I’m freaking out.

My favorite part of this whole thing is that the violets reseeded themselves and spread everywhere. Normally they’re only an annual.

I’d say the very warm winter with no snow that Minnesota had this past year might of had something to do with it.

I wish it could bloom all year round.


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