The meaning behind the name

29 Jul

Recent events have caused me to really think about the name, Life’s Joy Photography, and why I picked it.

No I didn’t just pull it out of thin air.

I didn’t pick it because it sounded pretty.


I didn’t pull it from a hat,
I didn’t ask my neighbors cat.


A few years ago when I was trying to come up with a name for my business, my main focus was the word Joy.

I wanted a business name that was a part of me, without using my real name. I wasn’t opposed to using my full name + photography, I just felt like that was taking the easy way out, and I had an opportunity to be creative.

I also didn’t want to go overboard. I’ve heard some doozies. Anything over 3 words before the word photography is just about pushing it, in my opinion.

Anything too wordy doesn’t roll off the tongue easily. It also sounds less professional.

So, since Joy is my middle name, I figured I’d start there.


I actually thought about it for a lot longer than I wanted. A few months went by before I committed 100% to a name.

And if I still had that list of potentials, I’d definitely share it.

I had to finally just push aside the thoughts of “what will everyone like?” and pick something that I liked. Because, really, as long as it makes you happy, there is no wrong.

So, I knew photography made me happy.

I knew Joy was a happy word.

And I knew my mom would love me even if I named my business Say Cheeseburger! Photography, because that’s what moms do.
Although I hope she would have stopped me and gave me that “are you serious?” look, if I was serious.

Moms do that too.


Bottom line is photography is my Life’s Joy.


Photography brings me joy, it makes me joyful, and the hills are alive with the sound of joyful music!

Too much?



I’m just lucky enough to have a middle name like Joy to play off of. It sort of made it just a little bit easier.

And that’s all she wrote..

End of story.

Thank you for listening, reading, suffering through my lame jokes and sticking around anyways.


2 Responses to “The meaning behind the name”

  1. Northern Pixel Photography July 29, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

    Congratulations on choosing your name. Good luck with your business!

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