15 minutes of Fame

7 Aug

Since posting my tutorial for a moroccan wall stencil, it’s become so popular, The Pioneer of Home Improvement picked it up and tweeted it to his twitter account!

Yes, I am talking about none other than, BOB VILA!

I know it’s just a tweet, and if I died tomorrow, Bob Vila wouldn’t know the difference, BUT the fact that he(or the person who runs his twitter) found MY tutorial good enough to tweet about… it’s such an honor. To be recognized that way, and by someone I’ve been a huge fan of for…. forever.. it’s so special!

It blew me away!

My husband is so proud he can’t stop telling everyone in his path.

So if you spot us out and about, do yourself a favor… walk swiftly in the opposite direction.


I snapped a few screen shots of the post….

How cool is that!

And you know, we totally had a coversation, we’re bff’s..

He was kinda busy, so he never wrote back. Love you anyways, Bob.

Although the photo that was posted with my tutorial isn’t mine, you can find out who’s it was here!

So there was my little brag worthy post.

I know people interact with celebs everyday because of twitter, but to be sought out and posted about is really awesome!

Thank you for your attention.

You may now resume your day to day lives.


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