The ‘Better Late Than Never’ DIY Christmas Wreath Post

11 Sep

Last fall (I know, shame on me), Pete went to Wisconsin to go deer hunting with his uncles and left me at home for 6 days all alone.

Okay, I had the dogs to talk to.

And myself to talk to. You know you do it too.

So, knowing I’d be alone for 6 days, I wanted to plan a project to do.

I had really been itching to do something crafty. With Christmas just around the corner, I had been really envious of all the beautiful Christmas wreaths I had seen last year, and was sad I didn’t even have a cheap one to hang up!

Well, duh…

And that’s what I decided to make. The wreath. Not a cheap wreath. Well, not cheap looking at least.

Nod approvingly like you understand what I’m saying.



I bought a lot of my supplies at the dollar store. All the bulb ornaments, pine cones and poinsettia flowers were all purchased at the dollar store.

The rest of my supplies were bought at hobby lobby.

In total I spent about $34. Which is about $20 less than what you can buy a pre-made wreath for. And it possibly doesn’t look as cute as this one turned out!

I really should get into the wreath business for how much I’ve seen them go for.

I’m sorry some of these pictures are horrible quality.. took most with my phone.

And, finished! It took me about two evenings.

I used a straw wreath form, and wrapped it in white denim fabric. The yarn balls are foam balls wrapped in yarn. I used white cream and gray. Then added pops of color with the balls. For the heavier yarn balls I attached them to the wreath using craft wire. The rest were all attached using hot glue.

*A note to those living in an insanely cold climate where the winters reach -40 below on bad days, like where I came from. My grandma used to make Christmas decor for a living and would sell all her things at craft shows. Well, she was never able to store her products in her garage because the hot glue would let loose from the crazy cold temps. SO, if possible, maybe use super glue, or something more reliable if you too have cold winters. I lost two ornaments off my wreath during our Texas winter last year, and it only reached about 27 on it’s coldest night.

I used this tutorial as inspiration from Two Junk Chix. I loved it so much, I just had to have one. I wanted it to match my current Christmas decor a bit better so that’s why I added the red and gold.

I love it.

And there you have it. A rich, homey looking wreath for $34 bucks.

Try go find a place to buy this online for less. I dare you. 🙂


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